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In 2014, Fiat Chrysler began filling the air conditioning systems on almost all of its models with R1234yf refrigerant. That same year, General Motors (GM) began using it in the Cadillac XTS. Since then, GM has been gradually switching over its entire line of vehicles to R1234yf, and Ford has also begun using it.


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Auto Air Conditioning Repair Plainfield, Bolingbrook, IL, Near MeWe are the local auto air conditioning specialist. We’ve been offering our air conditioning expertise & knowledge to North County San Marcos &beyond since 2009. From a simple recharge (Freon refill) to replacing a compressor, dryer, condenser, or evaporator coil, we have you covered. Centric Auto Repair offers complete auto air conditioning repair & installation solutions for all your vehicle’s air conditioning service needs.


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