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Brakes are an essential element to the safety system of your car. Without them we’d all be skidding down the highway and ramming into each other like bumper cars.

Most cars have disc brakes. These work a lot like the brakes on your old ten-speed bicycle. A hydraulic system filled with brake fluid sets off the padded clamps know as calipers, making them touch and squeeze on a disc called the rotor. That friction causes the pads and rotor to eventually stop the car.

But, unlike your car’s oil level, which needs to be checked and changed on a fairly regular basis, when do you know your car’s brakes need to be checked?

Brakes are easy in this respect because they often tell us when they need checked. When your brakes start speaking to you, it’s time to head to the mechanic.

Here are some things to look out for:

Screeching/squealing/high pitched noises

This could indicate your brake pads need replacing. It’s not easy to hear with the radio blaring, so if you notice anything odd about your braking, roll the window down and listen.

Harsh grinding noise

This is very bad as it means your brake pads are done and you’re now braking using only the metal rotors. This calls for an urgent repair or you’ll damage the rotors, making a fairly inexpensive replacement of the pads a major, costly replacement of the rotors.
The wheel pulls to one side when you apply the brakes
This could indicate a problem in the braking system, such as a stuck caliper (usually on one side) or a collapsed brake line or uneven brake pads. The pulling isn’t necessarily an indicator of a brake issue, but it can be and should be checked out.

Vibrations in the brake pedal

Generally, this will indicate warped rotors or it could indicate misaligned wheels, but it needs a mechanic to check it out.
Mushy brake pedal or pedal that grabs at the slightest touch
Mushy pedal (that goes almost to the floor) might mean worn pads or an issue with the hydraulic system, such as fluid or air leakage. You can put a white piece of paper or light piece of cardboard under the car overnight to check for leaks. Brake fluid looks clear with the consistency of cooking oil.

Pedal that grabs might mean there is an unevenly worn rotor, dirty brake fluid or moisture in the brake fluid. It’s a fairly inexpensive fix if taken care of immediately.


Every vehicles brakes wear differently, there are many reasons a brake system may not be working properly, and cost estimates on brake jobs aren’t accurate without an inspection.

Following the inspection—free for most vehicles—we provide a free estimate on any recommended repairs. You know the true costs involved before having your car worked on.

When in doubt as to whether or not your brakes need to be checked, call your mechanic. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Disc Brake Repair and Services

Install quality brake pads and calipers
Resurface rotors
Replace brake fluid
Repack wheel bearings and install new front seals (when serviceable)
Adjust brake components

Drum Brake Repair and Services

Install new brake shoes
Install new wheel cylinders
Replace drum hardware
Resurface drums
Adjust parking brake