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The average car today can have between 25 and 50 central processing units (CPUs) 

Often networked but sometimes operating independently. The level of sophistication is likely to rise as self-driving vehicles move closer to mass production.


Centric Auto Repair Inc. has proudly provided quality auto electric repair in the San Marcos, CA .
We pride ourselves on our customer service and attention to detail.

Whether it's a minor or major electrical problem Centric is here to help.

We ensure that our customers are 100% satisfied, while fixing your vehicle right, the first time.

Steering, braking and throttle control on most newer cars are electric drive-by-wire units, whose inputs are filtered through ECUs.  Sometimes to enhance the driving experience, other times to help keep drivers from exceeding the limits of their talent.

Except for hard-core gearheads, motorists have generally accepted the evolution of their rides into rolling computers.

It took time to get drivers used to the idea of stomping the brakes on an ABS-equipped car instead of pumping them in an emergency. But the systems have become more subtle and the interventions often undetectable. Now to the point where a driver might put it down to their own skill behind the wheel.

We Specialize In:
Engine Diagnostics - Check engine light
A/C (Air Condition)
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